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        Founded in 1998,WENZHOU CITY SITE AUTOMOBILE PARTS CO.,LTD Is an enterprise specialized in producing all kinds of auto oil filters. In recent years, this enterprise has develojped rapidly with the help and support of all fields of the society. Now it has become a known enterprise specialized in filters in China. The SITE Brand  filters produced by this company sells well in China and exports to the markets in Southeast Asian,Europe and America, enjoying high reputation among the customers in and outside of China. This company always takes science and technology as guidance and regards quality as its life, adopting "ISO9001(2000)Quality System Standard". Constant renewal of equipment and importing personnel in a specific field, which has made this enterprise strong constantly,this enterprise has formed a modern management system joining design, development, production and marketing into one body.

        The management theory of this enterprise is :Winning Market with Quality, Standing in Market with Price, Solidifying Market with Service, and Pioneering Market with Making Innovations.


      Address:Xianyan Industrial park Ouhai WenZhou

        Wenzhou Site Automobile Parts Co.,ltd Address:Xianyan Industrial park Ouhai WenZhou Tel:0577-85311166 Fax:0577-85311122 E-mail:st@shitefilter.com
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